Wednesday, April 30, 2014

tips on google

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  1. I enjoyed your tips Antonio! Your explanation of the microphone and definition tips were very easy to understand. I think I might start using the microphone tip at home with my laptop. I found there were a few missing parts to your presentation. Feel free to fix them and then let me know so I can recheck them. Here is what you need to demonstrate to get a 4:
    -Shares 3 search tips on wiki, shares two resources on wiki, shares 1 Google Search Tip with Class
    -3 Google Search Tips (in presentation) and how they make you a more effective, efficient, independent user of technology outside of this class and in their daily lives with SPECIFIC examples
    Reflects on the presentation tool they choose and if they would use it in other situations and why.
    -Creates links in their presentation to at least 2 resources.
    -Presentation is easy to read and follow. (minimal text NO PARAGRAPHS, font color and size)
    -What levels of learning have you shown in this challenge 1-4 (look at "How Am I Graded")? Explain, reflect and use examples to back it up. (Don’t say I tried really hard, or I did everything so I should get a 4.)