Monday, June 9, 2014

Tech Tool Evaluation

Tech tool evaluation

The purpose of google maps and google earth is to allow people to visit the globe with no need to fly by airplane or to make any trip. It also works for teachers to show their students places in the world
Google maps

How to use it: When you enter google maps the planet earth will appear on your screen. To go closer to the earth you can click the plus sign that is at the bottom right of the screen, or you can move the ball on the mouse forward. To step back from the earth do the same but with the subtraction sign. If you want to change direction, click on the screen and drag the mouse where you want to go. If you want to find some place specifically you can type on the search bar at the top right corner the place you want to find . Example:

Kids or teachers that are not able to go out of the country can find about places on google maps
Also in google maps you can put street view and it is like walking in the place you are visiting. It is very slow, but very useful. It is like walking in the city.  Example:

London’s eye London

I really like this tool because i can see places in the world that maybe i will never see. Other reason why i like this tool is because i can make trips without going out from my house. The third reason is because you can also find information about the places you search.

The three reasons of what i don’t like about google drive is that it should be faster. Sometimes it stops working and it is frustrating that you can’t keep walking on street view. Another reason is that in some places we can’t put street view. That is a thing that google maps needs to work on. The third and last reason is that it is sometimes hard to manage the controls and all of that. I think they should change the google maps controls to an easier way for the user.

Google Earth
How to use it: When you enter Google Earth the Planet Earth will appear on your screen too. To enter the earth you can press  the plus sign at the top right of the screen, or you can scroll the little ball at the center of the mouse. To get away from the place you are you can press the minus sign at the right middle of the screen, or scroll the ball backwards. It is much alike Google maps but in some ways different. For example, when you enter Google Earth all the countries are shown with all of the borders highlighted. To move direction press on the screen and drag the mouse forward, backward, or sideways. To find an specific place you can type the name of the place on the search bar at the top right corner.

This is an example of the main page of Google Earth:
What like about Google Earth is that it is very well organized. While you type an specific place on the search bar Google Earth gives you many choices to choose that are named like the place you are looking for. Google maps also has this, but i think Google Earth looks for many more options. Other thing I like about Google Earth is that it has street view. Google maps also has this option, and both are very slow but Google Earth’s is easier to enter and almost every place on Google Earth can be street view. Also on Google Earth when you come very close to the ground it instantly sends you to Street view. The last thing i most like about Google Earth is that in every place you are, there is a tourist guide where it shows and sends you to the most recommended places.  
This is a visual where it shows the tour guide and the places you can go visit.

The things I don’t like about Google Earth are that: Google Earth also has its street view slow, they should make it work faster and better. I think the tourist guide in Google Earth would be much better if it had information about the places. Also Google Earth is very difficult to use for some people, they should make the  controls and the way of using Google Earth in an easier way. So the user can use it comfortably and without concerns.

My conclusion is that Google Maps and Google Earth have the same use, help people travel around the world without going away from your house. They also work for teachers to show students the world, and for students, how i said.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Cyberbullying presentation

What are the main points of your topic going to be ( short and to the point)

  • Introduction
  • Causes
  • Effects
  • Video
  • Solutions
  • Conclusion
Who is covering what (be specific)

  • Introduction: Antonio Rodriguez
  • Causes: Florencia Mora
  • Effects: Manuel Villaveces
  • Video: Florencia Mora
  • Solutions: Antonio Rodriguez
  • Conclusion: Florencia Mora
What progress did you make today

Today we finished the solution, and made the last edits on our document. Only Manuel's conclusion is missing.

What are your goals as a group for next class

My goals for next class are to finish everything completely and be done with the project to be ready for the next thing we are going to do 

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Gmail labels

Labels in Gmail are a tool for organizing messages into categories work, family or any category you want. They work almost like folders but better. Labels are like folders but you can add more than one to a message.